Hank Salemi says no chance would he burn through 30 hours in a box regardless of whether he got washroom breaks.

In any case, the leader of Six Flags Great America in Gurnee knows for beyond any doubt a lot of different people will do that.

Working together with its yearly Fright Fest, which goes through Oct. 31, Six Flags simply put the test out for benefactors to spend from 1 p.m. Oct. 20 until 7 p.m. Oct. 21 cooped up in a 7-foot by 2-foot pine box.

In under multi day since the test was posted on the web, in excess of 300 hopefuls had effectively enrolled for six accessible spots, said John Krajnak, Six Flags advertising executive.

At Six Flags in St. Louis, which reported a similar test before this Fright Fest season, 25,000 individuals have enlisted for the opportunity to be among six chose, Krajnak included. Fifteen amusement parks possessed by Six Flags Entertainment the nation over are taking an interest, and passages are free.

Obviously there are a few rewards in question — up to six competitors will win two gold-pass 2019 season tickets to Great America. They can likewise take their casket home and get an opportunity to win $300 money.

However, Krajnak believes there’s an alternate bait.

“A few people need to confront their feelings of trepidation,” he stated, “regardless of whether it be of statures on thrill rides or comedians or claustrophobia or being covered alive.”

With respect to the possibility of burning through 30 hours in a casket, Krajnak included, “I don’t figure I could deal with it. There’s something about confronting your very own mortality.”

Salemi, who has ridden each exciting ride in the recreation center and them a few, said he would “unquestionably be excessively frightened, making it impossible to go up against this test.”

Six Flags team are presently assembling the caskets. “The 2-foot by 7-foot estimation sounds somewhat overwhelming to me,” Krajnak said. “I don’t think the boxes will be especially agreeable.”

At 1 p.m. on Oct. 20, six fortunate people — browsed all the online applications — will be conveyed by demons to Metropolis Plaza in the amusement stop and coordinated into a pine box lying level on the ground.

The box has a half cover — and once in a while it will be opened so Fright Fest benefactors can stare, Krajnak said.

“It’s additionally for security,” he included, saying members are likewise required to sign a waiver and must be something like 18 years of age, among different limitations.

“We’ve run this by our wellbeing gathering,” Krajnak stated, including that the box tenants will get hourly bathroom breaks for six minutes.

One of the scariest minutes likely will be the point at which the pine box inhabitants’ PDAs are detracted from them and just given back occasionally, maybe to post something via web-based networking media about their experience, Krajnak said.

“They won’t approach their telephones the whole time. We can’t make it that agreeable,” he said.

Picked members can bring pads and covers and one endorsed non-electronic security thing. A teddy bear may be a smart thought, Krajnak said. Be that as it may, numerous who have entered so far said they’d carry a book with them.

“We’ll give all dinners to 30 hours and a few bites,” he said. “They won’t go hungry. They’ll get some of Six Flags’ culinary joys, perhaps a churro or some pizza.”

So truly, what is there to fear?

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There’s the possibility for getting claustrophobia, for one. Around 5 percent of the total populace experiences the confusion, as indicated by Health Research Funding.

Those inclined to claustrophobia are individuals who are hindered, delicate or negative, as indicated by the Mayo Clinic. Indications incorporate fits of anxiety joined by quick pulse, perspiring and feeling of looming fate, as per the center.

In any case, what Krajnak thinks will truly panic the casket tenants is by and large alone at the recreation center night-time.

“I’ve strolled around late during the evening when we’re not working, and particularly amid Fright Fest, it’s only a startling situation,” he said.

The devils of the night will stay in the recreation center — and they could come thumping on the box whenever to threaten the people stuck inside.

At 7 p.m. on Oct. 21, Nox, the evil presence overlord of Fright Fest, is planned to discharge the people from their pine boxes. Standing tall and with a red face and horns, Nox is presumably not the primary animal somebody stuck in a minor box for 30 hours might want to see.

Any of the six people who escapes the casket for any reason, except for the assigned restroom breaks, will be precluded.

Those of the six who endure the 30 hours not just get the season passes and different prizes, yet they’ll likewise be welcomed as terrific marshals to the Uprising Parade, when every one of the devils and beasts and fiends turn out amid Fright Fest, around 5:45 p.m. every day. “It’s the point at which major trouble rises to the surface,” Krajnak said.

Six pine box inhabitants will be picked among the numerous candidates on Oct. 11 and must acknowledge by Oct. 13. Something else, interchanges will be picked and advised.

“The 30-hour coffin challenge has taken the country by storm … everybody wants in,” Six Flags chief marketing officer Brett Petit said in a statement.

Well, not everyone – you can count Hank Salemi and John Krajnak out.

To register for free, visit https://www.sixflags.com/content/take-fright-fest-30-hour-coffin-challenge-sfgm.


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