King cobra is one of the most beautiful creatures you’ll ever see. It’s long, shiny and strong. To see it standing on its tail is one of the most amazing sights, but what could be better than even this? Well, three cobras standing on their tails.

One such video has gone viral on Instagram in which the camera person has recorded three cobras facing each other in one frame. It’s a sight to behold.

A handle called helicopter_yatra has shared the video on Instagram, and its authenticity can’t be independently ascertained, but it’s a nice watch nonetheless.

The three snakes seem to be in a conference, and that prompted the netizens to go for funny captions for the video. While one user called it, ‘pre wedding shoot’, the other said ‘it’s a round table conference’.

Another user said that the referee is ready to decide the winner as the third snake looks at the other two from a distance.

King cobras are mostly found in Southeast Asian jungles and they’re usually 3 to 4 meter long. They’re very venomous but they generally stay away from population.

Zee News


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