Viral Video: What comes to your mind when you think of the word romance? A cute smile with dimples, hands up in the air– Shah Rukh Khan aka the king of romance. In a video that has now gone viral on the internet an Indian-American man, presumably, an SRK fan can be seen teaching an American boy the famous ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ step by Shah Rukh Khan. In the video, an American who is shooting a vox pop can be seen asking people about their favourite dance moves when he comes across an Indian- American man.

 So when an Indian-American man was asked to show what his favourite dance move was, he pulled out the famous SRK walk on the Brooklyn Bridge with his arms wide open.

Here’s the video!

The American interviewer asks the man, “So what do you think about dancing?” The Indian-American man answers, “Oh I love to dance. I’m a pretty good dancer. I don’t do it in public but I’m a good dancer.” “Would you be willing to teach me your favourite dance move?” Gabe asks.

And the Indian man shows classic SRK move and trust us he has nailed it.

 The video was uploaded on Instagram by Gabe Coaster and has received over 16k views so far.

Source: Zee News


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