Former India cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has shared a video on Instagram, which features a little boy getting boys older to him out with his accurate spin bowling. Tendulkar says he received the video from one of his friends.

“Received this video from a friend. It’s brilliant. The love and passion this little boy has for the game is evident,” writes Tendulkar alongside the video.



A look at the video and you’ll understand why the Little Master has shared it. The kid has a perfect flight and a spin to die for, even on the concrete road. He can spin both ways and has the courage to look into the eyes of bigger boys he plays with. It’s not surprising that Bret Lee came into the comment section and wrote, “The kid can play.”

Even actor Ranveer Singh, whose film ’83 is based on cricket, and wrote, ‘Bamboozled.”

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It’s not very difficult to spot the child’s passion for the game as his happiness is quite evident whenever he gets a wicket.

The Indian subcontinent is a breeding ground for great spinners who control the game like a puppeteer. Who knows this little boy turns out to be the next spin sensation if his game receives proper attention.

Source: Zee News

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