NEW DELHI: Actor Tanushree Dutta has expressed her discontent with her Wikipedia profile description and she is unable to change it.

Taking to her Instagram handle on Sunday, the actor shared how the profile describes her only as an “Indian Model”.


She wrote, “Hey Guys…there’s something that’s been bothering me for a while. It’s the Wikipedia profile on me. So it’s got a lot totally wrong about me and calling me just an “Indian Model” and diminishing my credentials. I tried changing but it keeps coming back to the same stuff.”

She detailed her accomplishments and expressed her dissatisfaction with her profile.

“I’m a Miss India Universe & Bollywood actress/star so dunno why it says ” Indian Model”. It’s the first thing people check when they google a public figure for work/awards etc & mine is all weird & shit. Imagine after doing so much in just one life I can’t even have a straightforward, uplifting & accurate Wikipedia presentation,” she wrote.


She concluded by asking if anyone could help her out to fix it.

She wrote, “Maybe the scriptures are right & my rewards & recognition are going to be in Heaven after all. Anyways I’ve renounced losing my shit with this kind of weird stuff coz looks like I can’t do much about it! If anyone can help pls do…btw…I think great & amazing stuff is going to happen for me in 2022…”

The actor, who spearheaded India’s #MeToo movement in 2018, had to move out of the film industry in India after the alleged harassment incident post which she tried to establish herself in the US.

Meanwhile, as per her Instagram posts, the actor might make her Bollywood comeback soon.


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