The viral dancing trend ‘Touch it’ has fan all over the world, including the celebrities, and the latest celebrity to join the list is ace India tennis star Sania Mirza. Though the video has become super popular on TikTok throughout the world, in India, it’s mostly published on Instagram Reels and Mirza has also used the same platform.

It’s a song by KiDi on which people groove and show their moves, but Mirza has given it a twist. She is definitely not the first one to do it as many popular accounts on Instagram have already done the same, but her version is still funny.

In this version, nobody dances but are forced to show obedience in front of the senior members of the family.

In traditional Indian families, touching feet of people older than you is considered a good gesture.

Here are some other Instagram posts by Sania Mirza:

Source: Zee News

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