Some Facebook users have been kicked out of the site and are unable to get logged back in.

The problems do not appear to be a part of the kind of widespread outage that Facebook occasionally suffers. Last year, for instance, Meta products including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were all hit by a long, hours-long outage, that caused problems right across the world.

The latest issues are more sporadic and specific. Other Meta websites appear to be working as normal, and the login issues are only affecting some people on the site.

For those hit by the problems, however, the issue means that they are unable to get online at all.

Instead, they are hit only by a warning message indicating that an “unexpected error” has occurred.

“Login error: an unexpected error occurred,” it read. “Please try logging in again.”

Logging in repeatedly did not appear to fix the issue, however.

Meta, and Facebook, are yet to comment on the issue.

Source: Independent


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