For some business visionaries, the advantage of an impenetrable sense of self can really help sell a pitch. Be that as it may, even with monstrous measures of certainty, imagine a scenario in which your item just has neither rhyme nor reason.

In the current week’s Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, we are acquainted with another product of business people, every one of them is anxious to offer their fast fire pitches to our board of investors. From a kids’ sports company to a blowdry bar to a new take on professional social networking, the judges have their picks of which companies they think about commendable. That just makes it less demanding to choose which are dead ends.

A big sell for the judges is the combination of a rock-solid business model matched with a self-assured entrepreneur. Established businesses who can trace a clear line of success prove especially impressive to the Elevator Pitch judges. In this episode, an entrepreneur with the ability to carry out the marketing side of her business in-house impresses the panel, showing them this entrepreneur is self-sufficient and resourceful.

Even with a more ill-defined idea, our judges can find appeal in a gutsy pitch. One entrepreneur who introduces the idea of a new social media network, which could streamline the process of professionals meeting other people in their industry. In this case, the entrepreneur’s outlandish valuation and name-dropping creates conversation among the judges and sparks a general curiosity.


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