ARDMORE, Okla. – The City of Ardmore has issued its first allow to a therapeutic pot dispensary.

Todd Larkin, chief of CBD Pure Wellness, was the beneficiary. The dispensary will open adjacent in the 300 square of North Commerce Street.

The allow accompanies controls, including charges, zoning and security.

“Before you can even enter the dispensary floor, we’ve got to check those IDs,” he explained. “As soon as you walk in, security is going to be very prevalent.”

Larkin said being the first to have a permit is a great feeling.

“We’ve been first on a lot of things with the CBD and stuff like that,” he said. “Being able to step in as the first dispensary and educate people with marijuana, to me, is super important.”

Larkin expects the first medical marijuana products to hit the shelves early next month, and he plans to use a local grower to stock his shelves. But he added that CBD Pure Wellness will continue as a separate business.

“That’s very important to us, because we h ave a lot of elderly customers; a lot of people that use the CBD for their children; and we want to keep that open,” he said.”


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