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Legal sports betting in New Jersey doesn’t seem to be hurting bookies


Legal gambling is doing incredible so far in New Jersey. In any case, I hear the bookies who’ve been taking illegal bets on sporting events forever haven’t been hurting either.

Initially, here’s an interpretation on legal sports betting, which began in Jersey a couple of months prior after a monumental Supreme Court decision.

As indicated by Frank Vuono, who tracks the sports business as co-founder and partner of 16W Marketing, which consults with professional teams, other states are racing to get into the sports-betting business, but in New Jersey, this “is going to be a windfall for a lot of people.”

“There’s a rush to make it happen in other states” as well, Vuono says.

The betting pro says casinos like Bally’s, Golden Nugget and Harrah’s in Atlantic City are rushing to set up their sports-gambling operations, and Borgata is already doing an $11 million expansion on the sports book it started right after the Supremes ruled.

And online gambling on sporting events is accounting for most of the betting. But casinos and Jersey racetracks think sports betting will bring customers into their buildings for other wagering as well.

All of this should make illegal bookies nervous, right? There’s nobody who speaks for people taking illegal bets because — well, they are illegal — but bookies can do one very important thing that the casinos and racetracks in Jersey and other states can’t.

Bookies can take your bet on credit. And legal betting places will probably never be able to do that.


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