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Event 411: Young Entrepreneurship with YEP!


In December, Cincy Inno had the great pleasure of hosting a State of Innovation: Young Entrepreneurship fireside chat with the Young Entrepreneur’s Project.

Together, I, Madeline Martini and James Nuveen sat down with founders Abby McInturf and Jacob Hammerle at the Living Room coworking space. We discussed the unique challenges that young entrepreneurs faced — as well as the unique wins — as they shared their stories.

A few features? Try not to fear disappointment. Rather, grasp it, think of it as a success and transform it into something you can gain from. Incline toward your potential. Discover your enthusiasm from the things you do day by day and check whether there’s a business opportunity inside. Remain spurred.

There was additionally dialog about the one of a kind sort of the #StartupCincy environment, and how enthusiastic business visionaries inside are anxious to enable each other to succeed.

Thank you to our event cohosts, YEP!, our speakers, sponsors at the Living Room, and you — our guests and readers who make meetups like these happen.

Look at the photos of the occasion underneath, kindness of YEP! Also, stay tuned for an extraordinary webcast scene containing our discourse, on account of YEP’s! specialized ability.


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