Home Business BBB offers tips to those looking to return Christmas gifts

BBB offers tips to those looking to return Christmas gifts


(WREX) — With Christmas now behind us, the BBB is putting forth tips to the individuals who may require return a present.

Specialists state the day after Christmas is the greatest trade day of the year and the BBB needs to help ensure you’re readied.

“Each retailer may have different return and exchange policies,” said Dennis Horton, chief of the Rockford Regional Office of the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB offered a rundown of things purchasers should realize while returning endowments:

  • The stores return policy: Be sure to know what the stores specific return polices are. Some stores provide refunds, while others only offer store credit. Some stores may not offer anything at all. Ask about exceptions, such as sale or clearance items or intimate apparel.
  • Save your receipt: They are usually needed for returns, whether it’s a gift receipt or regular receipt.
  • Know the online return policy:  If making an online return, find out whether shipping fees are charged for returning items. Many online retailers provide pre-printed labels that can make returns easier but be sure you understand whether shipping costs will be deducted before you get money back.
  • Time your returns to avoid hassles: Pick a time when the store is not likely to be crowded.

Horton also said: “Stores aren’t legally required to accept items for refund, exchange or credit unless goods were defective or misrepresented, and it’s up to consumers to be aware of all the individual terms and conditions before attempting to return or exchange a gift.”


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