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Working with partners to develop and implement your Facebook strategy


DIY is great with regards to kitchen hacks and sewing, yet when it comes to business you need expertise- not experimentation.

Social media and the internet have been around for some time, however financiers are only recently beginning to realize how essential a robust Facebook or Instagram strategy can be for their business.

The key word here is can. As with everything else, a strategy is only as good as the thought leadership, expertise and infrastructure behind it. Creating a strategy on your own that can be utilized and implemented at the agent level but that leverages the scaled infrastructure of the brokerage takes time, know-how and long-term investment.

You hire experts in every other area of your business why should this be any different?

Working with a marketing partner not only streamlines the process, it sets you up for success.

Think of it as an extension of your marketing team.

Choosing the right partner is incredibly important. You want to make sure they’re aligned to your goals and have the capability to cater to your needs.

There’s no dearth of options, if anything it’s the opposite. Walk the halls of any industry conference and you will find a variety of companies who proudly display Facebook and Instagram logos. But a logo and/or a promise of success isn’t enough, you need a marketing partner with a proven track record and an understanding of the sector of the industry you work in.

Assessing whether or not a partnership is a ‘good fit,’ starts with the basics:

  • How much are they charging and what is the breakdown of those charges?
    • How much is going to actual media (advertising to drive your agent’s business) and how much is going to administrative costs (service fees, etc).
  • Is the campaign run from an owned and operated agent or brokerage page or a centralized page that your brand does not own?
  • What does the support model look like for agents?
    • Is it streamlined? Easy to onboard?
  • Once you’ve covered the basics then you can get into the nature of your specific circumstances.
  • Are your agents already integrated into a listing service or platform that offers these kinds of services?
  • Is an out-of-the-box system sufficient or do you want to invest in a white-labeled customized approach?

There are truly no right or wrong answers to these questions, nor is this an extensive list. The point is that you need to go into this process with an idea of what you’re hoping to get out of it so that everyone involved is working toward the same end goal.

At the end of the day, technology isn’t an onus… it’s an opportunity. It’s a powerful tool that has the potential to up-level your business and transform the way you work. Your buyers are on Facebook, and they’re waiting for you to show up, speak their language and successfully guide them through the process. All you have to do, is meet them there.


A trusted brand among agents with a history of successful campaigns proving they have a genuine understanding of the Facebook family of Apps and Services and know how to use the platforms to both innovate and inspire.

  • Best for: brokerages who already have a large percentage of their agents using the HomeSnap platform and are looking for easy integration.

Home Spotter

One of the few ad tech players with a focus on large scale brokerage solutions who can provide an out-of-the-box system with the ability to be set up and turned out extremely quickly.

  • Best for: brokerages who may want to set up a suite of sophisticated out-of-the-box digital solutions including both an App and a Facebook campaign.


They’re a verified Facebook Marketing Partner, with a focus on building solutions for the Real Estate industry They have mounted successful campaigns for some of the largest players in the Real Estate Industry.

  • Best for: large brokerages who want a custom, white-labeled solution that allow them to use existing brand assets.

Inside Real Estate

Their suite of solutions goes beyond basic social media and provides everything from marketing to measurement to management. The ability to integrate into their existing system has the potential to give you a holistic view of how your campaign impacts the rest of your business

  • Best for: brokerages who are already using their Kunversion + system and are looking to expand and/or add on to an existing package.

Tiger Pistol

A verified Facebook Marketing Partner with a focus on building local solutions for advertisers.

  • Best for: large brokerages looking for a scaled local solution.


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