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Why You’re WRONG To Be Mad At Fortnite “Stealing Black” Dances


I’ve seen around the internet some people getting extremely emotional over fortnite using dances from people. Specifically from the black community (of which, I am a member, I’ve got the card and everything).

For me it puzzled me. My first thought is… surely this is a good thing? Look. More people than ever are dancing. I’ve seen kids BATTLE DANCING… you know… that thing that we thought died in the 80s?? It’s now an actual thing again. It’s AMAZING. It seems to be the biggest positive influence I’ve seen. White, black, Asian, you name it, everyone loves the dances and everyone is doing them. Were they doing it, before the game? No. That’s because the video game gave it the exposure that it wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Ok, next point. “But Alex. They stole from the black community”. I genuinely had someone say this to me. I’ve also had someone argue that “If they did this to whites, there would be riots”… but here’s the thing… they have and guess what… they didn’t care.

This was the most popular game in the world. It is still to date, the biggest MMORPG in the world. So in terms of scale, it matches. It’s dances taken, yes, users pay for them and no the artists were not paid. It was seen and still is seen by MILLIONS every month. They even just installed the dances into their other game Overwatch and it went completely under the radar. The difference is, back then, there wasn’t an outrage culture. We all enjoyed it and that was it. Even now it’s still not being talked about and again… it’s the biggest MMORPG in the world and they JUST put it in their other game… not a whisper. Not a fart in the wind. No complaints.

Now the argument about “But they should have been paid”. Maybe, maybe not. The thing about dance is that if you start copyrighting dance moves it’s a slippery slope. Once you’ve set a precedent that it’s possible to copyright dance moves and sue if anyone copies them. It leads to a dark road of icky lawyers and sue happy firms. No-one will be allowed to moonwalk, twerking will be finished, booty shaking, that’ll be on the blacklist, no hip movements allowed and don’t you dare wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care… because overnight it’ll become warfare.

I think everyone needs to relax for a minute. I do not think this is a racial matter and making it seem so feels ludacris. They aren’t stepping on blacks for profit. This is a thing that video games have done for years. Their only mistake is forgetting that 2018 is the year that sneezing against the wind can become a talking point and the need for a Twitter apology.


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