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Take our poll: Is the Time Well Spent movement influencing social media marketing plans?


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg commenced 2018 by reporting one of his huge objectives was “making sure that time spent on Facebook is time well spent.”

The idea of time well spent was, actually, pioneered in 2016 by previous Google design ethicist Tristan Harris. The Time Well Spent development is presently advocated by previous administrators at Google, Facebook, Mozilla and other tech firms who shaped the Center for Humane Technology (CHT) to bring issues to light around the negative effects of telephone and web based life dependence.

Marketing Land wants to know if the digital well being features introduced on social apps and mobile devices have impacted social media ad strategies.

In response, this year, FacebookInstagramGoogle and Apple all designed digital well-being features to help users curb the amount of time people spend on their phones and social feeds.

But what do these efforts mean to marketers? Have these initiatives to reduce people’s screen time influenced your social media marketing strategies? If you’re a marketer involved in social media advertising plans, please take our one-question poll to let us know if the Time Well Spent movement has impacted your strategies — or if it’s even on your radar.


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