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JUUL Stops Retail Sales Of Flavored Vape; Deletes Few Social Media Accounts


Due to the impending crackdown by FDA on flavored cigarettes amid concerns that they are being consumed by minor teenagers and young adults, CEO of JUUL Kevin Burns announced that it will eliminate its social media accounts and halt retail sales of its flavored products to restrict minors from accessing them. This plan was announced as FDA had declared in September that it would investigate all makers of e-cigarettes that sold flavored products and review their sales and marketing strategies. JUUL CEO said that his firm never wanted their flavored products to be used by minors and youth so their focus would now be divided into four key areas namely flavors, retail stores, social media and future revenues.

He said that the firm will haul out all prevents to limit minors from getting pulled in to e-cigarettes that will incorporate advances like wiping out the entirety of its online life handles and expelling unseemly material from outsider records. This is on the grounds that around 99 percent of its internet based life content is created by outsider clients and records that are not partnered to the organization. Mr. Burns announced that they are shutting down all official internet based life accounts on Facebook and Instagram to expel their brands from social discussion.

He said that its Twitter handle will be dynamic and will keep itself kept to non-special correspondences while its YouTube posts will comprise of tributes by grown-up smokers that have moved to JUUL smoking procedure. JUUL’s makers will quit offering all seasoned cases at 90,000 retail locations, accommodation stores and vape shops and will confine online offers of enhanced items to grown-ups over 21 years. Burns said that it will embrace innovation required to guarantee that its retailers limit access to underage purchasers. Mr. Burns declared that the firm is focused on enhancing lives of grown-up smokers with true objective went for disposing of cigarettes through and through.


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