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Why Telesales And Marketing Are The Perfect Combination


As many of you know I (Alex Jay) started off in telesales. I’d honestly recommend anyone who’s going into business at getting a cold calling sales job and master it. I cannot explain how that skill transformed my entire life. Until the moment that I had closed a sale and realized I could actually control my income, i had believed any income was bound by some mystical force. I believe that I could only earn X amount. However, once I’d mastered the phone i realized you have full control of your own life and your income. It was a powerful moment and I was fortunate to learn it at a young age.

I had studied media at school which covers marketing. I quickly learned that what you learned in school was mostly useless. That’s because you’re analyzing everything from the past. It’s the wrong perspective. You’re learning “Why was this successful” which is all good and well, but when you’re running a business you cannot just focus on the past. You have to know what’s happening right now in this second, at this moment, what are your competitors doing, how are you going to position yourself, how are you going to isolate your audience and get the sale. You won’t know if a campaign is necessarily going to work until it’s launched.

One thing I got really good at was generating leads. Warm or even hot leads are a professionally trained cold callers dream. If you can get through cold calls and close people who are cursing you out for disturbing their evening supper then a warm lead that WANTS you to call is heaven.

I used to have to make 300 calls a day at my job for 3-6 sales making me a $5 commission each. Now working for myself and building my company I only need to make a few calls a week and we comfortably do over 6 figures a month. Now, why is that?

Well, it’s pretty simple. I have combined two extremely powerful strategies. Marketing that leads people to a sales page is great, but the conversion rate compared to closing on the phone is just lower. Over the years I’ve spent time around some extremely skilled stock brokers and heard how they close 10 million dollar deals, I’ve paid for multiple sales courses (mainly from Grant Cardone) and I’ve practiced, practiced, practiced. You won’t get better just by reading. You need to actually be ON the phone.

Now sales skills are awesome unless you have no-one to talk to. This is why marketing is critical. If you’re not generating a constant flow of leads then you’re never going to be able to close anyone.

You need to have the perfect combination of both skills in order to succeed.

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