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Facebook Business Marketing Product Reviews for Amazon Affiliate Store

Amazon affiliate is by far best affiliate program one can sign up as a result of its colossal range of products and good commission. An affiliate program is a program in which one needs to promote the product of a producer/seller on his/her website and consequently, they will get a specific percentage of the commission.

So here are certain tips to have an effective affiliate marketing tips for Amazon Affiliate.

1. Selection of a Niche which suits your website.

Above all, niche selection is the most important decision you have to make. If your website is related to books, then you should market the books, if it is about gadgets you should sell gadgets. It gets easier for people who are looking for a particular product and your websites discusses that same product hence, it is easy for people to visit your website rather than looking everywhere.

Source: The Verge

2. Give a link to the product inside your content

Most of the clicks from the visitors come from the links posted inside the content or the body of a blog. Text links are the most effective way to get clicks from visitors to your web page. People look at the content area on a page more than anywhere else.

3. Give a link to Amazon.com as many times possible

Every link you put on your page to amazon.com or inside your content it attracts the visitor to click on it and enter amazon.com

4. Promote using Facebook Marketing

You can start promoting your affiliate links in social media network Facebook by boosting as ads. You can check out Journal Reviews – Facebook  Business Marketing to get a clear understanding on using Facebook ads for promoting your Amazon affiliate links.

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5. Product review articles are the best

Doing quality reviews about a book, gadget, or any product of your niche is a very easy way to get maximum visitors on your page who are thinking to buy the product which leads to a better commission.

6. Identify the niche on the basis of Amazon affiliate payout percentage

Amazon pays a different commission on different types of product. Like for example, you get only 2.5% commission if you promote PC, PC components, DVD and Blu-Ray and you can earn 10% commission if you promote Amazon fashion Women, men & kids probate label, luxury beauty, Amazon Coins. The commission rates vary with every kind of product you wish to promote on your website. Hence selecting the niche on the basis of payout is also important to make maximum profits.

7. Use EasyAzon to save time and make more money with Amazon

The plugin helps you in inserting product information and affiliate links to Amazon in a much faster way rather than doing it manually. It basically helps you in adding text-based amazon links, the image of a product as an affiliate link, product information grid, convert US links to UK, GR, etc. it not only makes your work easier but also it helps in increasing the click-through rates.

8. Publish a monthly bestseller list

Amazon provides you the list of best selling products of all the niches, that list you can publish on your site up to top 5 or top 20 best selling products by simply mentioning the product with a small paragraph about the product. The benefit is that most people are thinking to buy the top-selling products which are popular and hence when they look for it on the internet they are likely to visit your website.

Source: Tortuga Marketing

9. For better conversion have a better website layout.

When it comes to the conversion of casual visitors, the layout of your website plays an important role. Once you start earning $1,000 per month, you should change the theme.

10. Insert buy now buttons into your articles.

This can be done with the help of EasyAzon, but if you don’t want to buy a new plugin, you can add your own buttons which are an Amazon Affiliate link.

11. Get more and more people on Amazon.com

Whenever you send a person to amazon.com through your affiliate link, you get a commission on whatever they buy in the next 24 hours, and for 30 days in case they add the product to the cart. So if you can just send people to this online store and they happen to buy anything no matter if it is related to your niche or not, you will be paid. So just send people to the Amazon.com and watch as you $ figure is increasing.

Source: CBC

So these are the few tips which can help you in having a successful Amazon Affiliate Marketing business.


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