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8 Reasons It Is Important To Invest In High Quality Content


In recent years, content marketing has exploded, gaining traction as businesses realize its true potential. The old way of advertising is fading, and digital marketing firms are targeting inbound marketing strategies over outbound ones. This means that the days of pushing ads on consumers are gone, and flashy in-your-face ads are being replaced with strategically placed content that drives organic traffic to websites.


We are at a transition point. Customers are expecting value in exchange for their attention, and the old ways of advertising just won’t cut it anymore. It’s time to invest in high quality content to increase your brand awareness and ultimately your sales. If you don’t believe us, here are eight solid reasons to start investing in content marketing today:


  1. Paid Search Is Out, High Quality Content Is In!


In the past, you could pay a nominal fee to get your advertisements shown on a website’s results section when a customer was performing a search. This type of outbound marketing, or pushing information towards consumers, has actually been proven to be less effective than content marketing.


In a study by Kapost (in collaboration with Eloqua), content marketing actually boasts three times more leads than the traditional push methods. And to top it off, it costs about 62% less!


Content marketing works by publishing relevant and useful content to your website in order to drive interested parties to your pages. After consuming your content, consumers not only are on your webpage, but they also have developed a positive association with your brand and a helpful article they have recently read. Put these two facts together and you have a new lead!


  1. People Experience Ad Overload


Back in the 1980s, an average consumer would interact with about 2,000 ads a day. But in recent years, this number has risen to somewhere around 5,000 ads. What does this mean? In short, consumers are used to ad overload, and they have developed coping methods to deal with it.


Think about your daily life. Of the 5,000 ads that you interact with on a day-to-day basis, how many do you remember? If your answer is shockingly low, that’s because we tune out most outbound marketing attempts due to the sheer volume we experience.


Additionally, in a 2017 report by PageFair, it was found that more than 615 million devices have installed some form of ad blocking software, meaning that your traditional ads might not even make it to your target audience in the first place! The answer to this is simple – content marketing. Content marketing isn’t intrusive, and it becomes a form of marketing that consumers actually want to consume.


  1. A Growing Number Of Consumers Are Getting Their Information Online


A 2016 study by Pew Research Center suggests that consumers are tuning into the internet instead of their televisions for their main source of news and other information. The main platforms being used are social media sites, blogs, and search engines, which happen to also be the channels where content marketing thrives.


Simply by having quality content that has been optimized for public searches, you can create a situation where consumers seek you out. They are coming online to find information, and if you have it hosted on your website, it’s only a matter of time before your brand becomes known for providing value.


  1. Small Businesses With Blogs Get More Leads Than Those Without


Studies have shown that small businesses who publish relevant information on their company blogs generate 126% more lead growth than those who have not invested in blog content. With about 77% of internet users reading blogs for information, this statistic shouldn’t surprise you! The reason regular blogging for small businesses is becoming more and more popular is because it works!


Not only do companies with blogs receive normal internet traffic, but they also will have visitors from people interested in their blog topics. If you are able to publish enough interesting articles with enough high quality content, you will start to have repeat visitors, which can easily turn into sales!


  1. Many U.S. Online Consumers Make Purchases After Reading Blog Recommendations


The reason content marketing works so well is that it builds trust through providing high quality content that consumers derive value from. Over time, with enough of this high quality content, consumers will begin listening to your brand’s voice. And with a recent study that found 61% of U.S. online consumers making purchases based on blog recommendations, a powerful blog can mean powerful things for your sales numbers.


The bottom line is that people buy from companies that they trust. Building this trust through content that delivers value to readers is just the beginning for gaining new customers!


  1. Content Marketing Has Six Times Higher Conversion Rates


In addition to all of this, content marketing has six times higher conversion rates than traditional marketing practices. This means that it has six time the power to convince normal shoppers to become leads and to convince leads to become customers. With numbers like that, what have you got to lose?


Although content marketing takes time to generate, in the long haul the rewards will be greater. The trust built through providing high quality and helpful content will not only lead to sales, but it will lead to repeat sales. Customers who trust you will buy from you more than once, and they will also tell their friends to buy from you. It make take patience to set up, but it is worth it.


  1. Content Creation Is The Most Important SEO Technique


By publishing blog content on your website, you will end up with upwards of 400% more search engine-indexed pages than websites who don’t host blogs. Because of these indexes through multiple blog entries, there are hundreds of different ways that users can find their way to your website. And what do they find when they reach this website? If it is high quality content that they can relate to, then you have yourself a new lead!


  1. More Articles Means More Traffic


While high quality content is important for boosting traffic, quantity does also matter. Studies found that publishing 16 or more blog posts a month will get you almost 3.5 times more traffic than publishing 4 or less per month.


It makes sense – if you are creating more pathways for people to get to your site, more people will actually get to your site. With the demand for high quality content in large quantities, an investment in a digital marketing firm who can help you produce SEO content can be vital to your success! It will require an investment, but you will see real returns.


What Should You Do Next?


The bottom line is that skilled, consistent content marketing will get you results. By regularly publishing high-quality SEO content, you will continually drive traffic to your website. This traffic will read your content, and if it is helpful or provides value, the trust in your brand will begin to grow. With trust comes sales and not just one time sales but repeat sales. Word spreads and your brand awareness grows, bringing you even more customers.


So what are you waiting for? Get started by contacting us at info@beepromoted.co.uk to discuss the type of content you need to appeal to the markets of your choosing. Boost your traffic and increase your sales by ordering high-quality content to boost your brand awareness and bring customers straight to your website! It will take an investment, but the payoffs will be massive!


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