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Entrepreneur Invented His Own Cure, Then Made It Into A $100M Enterprise


Mr Burnam an American Entrepreneurs story begins with the craziest start. He had woken up with his ear being 3 times larger than normal and had to immediately rush to the hospital

“After four years in the medical device industry, I woke up with an ear three times its normal size. I immediately called my physician who instructed me to meet him in the emergency room. He recommended I have immediate surgery to remove as much of the infection as possible,” said Burnam.

To Burnam’s ended up having over 12 additional surgeries and many different antibiotics to manage the recurring infection.

“Every time I lay on the operating table I found it difficult to believe that with all of the advances of modern medicine, nothing existed that would prevent me from undergoing these recurring surgeries. That’s when it clicked. I’m going to develop my own cure,” Burnam says. “I turned my kitchen into a chemical research and development lab.”

Burnam was smart, dedicated and began. He started off by sourcing chemicals from industrial-grade distributors, refurbished machinery from known and trusted manufacturers, and he searched the world for literature from around the world to find his cure.

“I failed hundreds of times, went through barrels of chemicals and dedicated most of my savings to develop the first resistance-free non-antibiotic topical medicine that would kill every bug with the gentleness of a simple skin cream,” says Burnam.

Burnam was extremely dedicated, completely self-funded, taking credit where ever he could and even decided to do the FDA process on his own with no consultation. He would call in daily to get help and thankfully the staff were extremely helpful.

Finally, in 2016, Burnam would get the approval of the FDA to market Turn Therapeutics first product, a novel wound-care formula that would prove to be an overnight success.


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